Just 3 easy steps


Notify the merchant staff that you would like to pay by instalment using your Citi Credit Card


Apply for your preferable repayment tenor before making the transaction (*)


Enjoy your new purchase

(*) A valid application must pass through an OTP verification process. You shall receive a SMS from Citi to confirm your instalment request after the transaction is authorized.

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Top questions that people frequently ask

Where can I find the list of merchant where I can enjoy this program?

There is new merchant joining the program every day. It is suggested checking with the desired merchant if you can pay by instalment using your Citi card there; or directly contact partner to get the most updated information.

How long will it take for my instalment conversion request to be completed?

It depends on when your transaction is posted on Citibank's system. It normally takes a few days.

Will I receive any confirmation for my request?

Along the application process, you shall receive (1) an OTP SMS; (2) a successful enrolment notification SMS; (3) a SMS acknowledging that your request is successfully submitted; an (4) a successful / fail instalment notification from Citi via SMS and email.

How can I check the detail and repayment schedule of my instalment?

Detail and Repayment schedule of all instalments including Citi PayLite is available on Citi Mobile® App for your convenient checking. A summary of all on-going instalments is also presented on your monthly card statement which is sent to your registered email. The card statement is also available on Citibank Online® and Citi Mobile® App.

How do I pay for the Citi PayLite instalment?

The first instalment will be shown in your next statement after successful conversion. The monthly instalment amount is included in the minimum payment amount of your monthly statement during the registered repayment tenure. You can pay by bank transfer or deposit money at our Cash Deposit Machine (CDM).

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