Pay for your purchases with points, miles or cash back

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Grab a free size upgrade when you purchase any drink, any day, from Starbucks.


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Enjoy up to 15% OFF when booking hotels worldwide.


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Every Saturday, you can enjoy a free combo including two drinks and one popcorn when you purchase two CGV cinema tickets.


Get up to 15% off every Saturday & Sunday by 30 September 2019.

Receive 20% off every Thursday & Friday by 31 December 2019.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

I do not have enough Rewards Points or Miles. Can I combine my Citi Credit Cards' Rewards Points or Miles to offset my purchase(s) or transaction(s)?

NO. Rewards Points or Miles from multiple Citi Credit Cards cannot be combined to offset or make purchase(s) or transaction(s). You can only offset your purchase(s) or transaction(s) with available Rewards Points or Miles on the same Citi Credit Card.

How do I check my available Rewards Points or Miles?

You can refer to your monthly credit card statement or logon to then click on your Citi credit card number. Your available Rewards Points or Miles will be shown on account details screen.

Can I perform Pay with Points redemption on the same purchase or transaction multiple times using the same credit card on the same day?

NO. You can only perform one (1) redemption for the same purchase or transaction.

How do I know if the amount of Rewards Points or Miles deducted is correct?

The amount of Rewards Points or Miles to be deducted will be shown on the redemption screen before you proceed with redemption. You are required to verify before you confirm on your redemption.

Can my supplementary cardholder perform Pay with Points redemption on my behalf?

NO. Pay with Points SMS will be sent to principal cardholder. Hence, only principal cardholder can perform the redemption.

Can I perform Pay with Points redemption after 24 hours from receiving SMS?

NO. You can ONLY perform Pay with Points redemption within twenty-four (24) hours of making a purchase.

Can I amend/cancel my redemption order(s) after my redemption order(s) has been completed and accepted by Citi?

NO, your redemption order(s) cannot be amended or cancelled once it has been completed and accepted by us.

How do I know who are the participating merchants for this Pay with Points?

The list of participating merchants including Starbucks, Shopee, Grab and Agoda. Please refer to the merchants listed above.

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