Citibank Step Up Account

You work hard. Make sure your money works harder.

Citibank Step Up Account You work hard. Make sure your money works harder.

Citibank Step Up Account is designed to grow your interest earnings with superior interest rates, while giving you all the convenience of a current account.


Citibank Step Up Account


Citibank Step Up Account is designed to grow your interest earnings with superior interest rates, while giving you all the convenience of a current account.

  • Enjoy more interest when you save more each month and earn Bonus interest rate.
  • Free Citibank Visa Debit Card with easy make purchases at merchants and access to 1.9 million ATMs of Citibank and VISA PLUS.
  • Enjoy immediate fund transfer with Citi Mobile and Citibank Online anytime and anywhere.
  • Free Citi Alert, CitiMobile, Citibank Online and CitiPhone services.
  • Electronic Statements via email - you will never lose your statement again.

How Citibank Step-Up Interest Account Work

Computation is based on illustration assumption only:

  • When you deposit money into your Citibank Step-Up Interest Account, you get a base rate of our Citibank Super Account which steps up to 1.2% p.a. over a 12 month period when you increase your average balance in 12 consecutive months.

Interest is earned on 2 components:

Bonus Interest on your previous monthly average balance + Base Interest on your current monthly average balance

Important Notes:

Average Monthly Balance: Sum of day-end balances for the month divided by the number of days in the month.

In the event that your current month's average balance falls below the previous month's, the Bonus Interest rate for the first 6 months will be reset to 0%.

  • Upon attaining the maximum of 1.2% p.a. (after 12 counters of Step-Up), ensure that your current month's minimum balance is greater than the previous month's average balance to continue to enjoy the superior Interest of 1.2% p.a.
  • Safety Net: After 6 months of consecutive higher average balances, you will get a Safety Net where subsequent average balance is lower, you will get a minimum Bonus Interest rate of 0.6% (6 X 0.1%) p.a.

*Note: The maximum interest rate you can earn in Step Up Account is 1.2% p.a. This interest rate is subject to change from time to time and can be referred here. Citibank reserves the right to adjust bonus rate and allocate this product to specific segment from time to time.


Base interest is the basic interest that you will earn, just like your normal super account.

Base interest for the month is computed by multiplying the monthly base rate to the average daily balance of the month.

To calculate the average daily balance: (e.g.: April 2009), sum up the end-of-day balance everyday, for 30 days, and divide this total balance by 30.

Bonus interest is a unique component in addition to your base interest. This is innovatively designed to reward you more as you increase your savings with us.

How to Close Account

Customer submit Account Closing Request at Citibank N.A., Vietnam branches.

Customer may close an account at any time, subject to any specific terms and conditions of that account.

Citibank reserves the right to close inactive account which has zero (0) balance and has no activity over 6 months (exclude any charges/fees/interest… being initiated by Citibank) provided that reasonable notice in the circumstances has been given to customer.

Citibank may also suspend the operation of an account or close it without prior notice if customer breaches the set out terms and conditions of account or the terms and conditions of any other services provided by Citibank, or if customer breaches applicable law or regulation in connection with the operation of an account and payment activities relating to account.

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The base interest rate is computed on the daily average balance in the month. The interest rate steps up each month and up to a defined maximum rate that is capped by the ceiling rate according to State Bank of Vietnam's regulation over a 12-month period, if your average monthly balance is higher than the previous month's average balance.

The Bonus interest is computed based on the preceding month's minimum balance. Both base interest and Bonus interest are credited on the last day of the month (excluding Sunday and Public Holidays).Interest rates are subject to periodic reviews and may be reviewed at the bank's discretion.

Total Relationship Balance* for Citibanking and Citigold customers respectively. Failing which, a fee of VND 200,000 or VND 2,000,000 respectively will be imposed into the account.

Total Relationship Balance' is the sum of:

  1. the average daily balance of your deposit accounts,
  2. the average daily value of your investments, and
  3. any outstanding amount on your loans and credit card accounts as of the date of your last statement.

Citibank's determination of your Total Relationship Balance will be conclusive.

Citibank full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services.