A unique & rewarding experience from Citi.


A unique & rewarding experience from Citi.

Premier Wealth Management Solutions

At Citigold, every conversation is about to helping you enhance your wealth potential. You will have access to personalized wealth advisory, backed by our global financial expertise that provides you with solutions tailored to meet your needs.

From involving you in the process of handpicking a Relationship Manager who is most suited to manage your portfolio, to bringing you world-class research based on your selections, you can be assured that your preferences are our priority.

The Citigold Relationship

The Citigold Premier Banking Relationship
  • The Citigold Relationship is a unique and rewarding experience that comes with the assurance that our products and services are designed to meet the highest standards - yours.

Citigold Advisory

Citigold Advisory - Investment Expertise
  • We understand the importance of having a Relationship Manager who connects well with you, which is why you were involved in the process of selecting your Relationship Manager.

World - Class Products

World - Class Products - Privilege Banking
  • Our wide range of world class products are designed to meet your ongoing financial needs whether you are planning to grow your wealth or protect your assets.

Citigold Banking Privileges

Citigold Banking Privileges
  • As a Citigold client, you will enjoy preferential pricing and other privileges around the world.

Citigold Banking Facilities

Citigold Premier Banking Facilities
  • Our easily-accessible Citigold Centers provide the ideal one-stop location for you to discuss your portfolio with your Citigold Relationship Manager, settle your banking matters, carry out Internet transactions.

As your wealth management partner, constantly engage you throughout your wealth management journey.

  • You can have an annual portfolio conversation with your Relationship Manager*
  • You will be invited to our seminars and events
  • You will receive our Monthly Market Outlook

* Achieving the Citigold Status

To be accorded the status of a Citigold customer, you simply need to maintain a minimum Total Relationship Balance of 1,000,000,000 VND. Total Relationship Balance refers to the combined balances held in a client's primary accounts including, Term Deposit and Super Account, Step Up Account and International Account.

  • Smooth, Safe, Sensible way to Citibank Online.
  • Protecting you at every level, all the way.