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Our wide range of world class products are designed to meet your ongoing financial needs. Whether you are planning to grow your wealth or protect your assets, you will find a Citigold solution that will give you the right tools to achieve these aims, reliably and effectively.

Enjoy Financial Products from Citigold

Accounts & Deposits
  • Citibank Super Account: Convenience of a transactional account with eight difference currencies: VND, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD, HKD, and JPY.
  • Citibank Step-up Account: Convenience of a transactional account with bonus interest to help grow your money.
  • Citibank International Account: A USD interest bearing account with Citibank Global Transfer function for all foreign customers.
  • Citibank term deposit: Flexible term deposits with a wide range of currency availability and choices of tenors, especially preferencial pricing available for deposit in VND
Debit & Credit Card

Debit & Credit Card

Complimentary Debit Card and Credit Card:

Credit card is subject to underwriting

Citi PremierMiles Card
  • Mileage reward program.
  • Protection: Complimentary Travel insurance.
  • Rewarding experiences: Citi World Privileges program.
Citi Debit Card
  • Convenience and Security for Cash access locally and globally.
  • Protection: Complimentary Travel Insurance and Medical Expense Claim.
  • Privilege and reward:
    • Citibank World Privileges program
    • Citigold World Debit Mastercard:
    • Enjoy 50% off walk-in green fee at 16 golf clubs in 6 countries
    • Discount at Hertz Car Rental services
    • Save 20% when you book minimum 2-night stay at Starwood Hotels & Resorts
    • Save 8% when you book room at
    • There are still many offers related to Travel, Shopping and Dining available. For more details and time line of each offer, please visit here.

Multiple Critical Illness:

Multiple Critical Illness provides sound financial support and protection against critical illnesses.

EduFam: EduFam funds your child’s education and provide financial protection for the whole family.

Critical Illness Return on Principal:

Critical Illness Return on Principal protects your financial plan against risks of critical illnesses.

9 P 15:

9 P 15 is an optimal choice with long-term protection within short-time payment.

Comprehensive Universal Life:

Comprehensive Universal Life Protects you against the risks in all stages of life.

1 Pay 5:

1 Pay 5 is the safe and effective financial solution against risks in life.

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