Say hello to the new
Citi Mobile® App experience.

It's quicker, it's easier to use, and it's the app that's all about you.

We are working hard to create the best banking app, starting with our credit card services. Enjoy control of your card matters, whenever or wherever you are.

Now, find out what makes managing your credit cards so fast and simple.

Scan and pay
Overseas usage
Citi Mobile Token

View your balances, transactions, statements and available credit limit right under your personalised card images.

Get the lowdown on your card benefits and offers, while keeping track of your reward points - all in one place.

View and download your last 12 months' statements.

Scan and pay

Activate your new card and create your ATM PIN easily right on the app.

Can't remember how much you spent? Type in the merchant's name and our intelligent search quickly shows you the exact transaction.


Transactions with this icon mean you can choose to split them into monthly instalment plans.

Overseas usage
Citi Mobile Token

Forgot your credit card ATM PIN? Create a new one securely so you can withdraw as you need.

Misplaced your credit card? Temporarily lock it to prevent misuse. Found it? Unlock your card with a tap.

Authorize your transactions in-app, with an Unlock Code known only to you.

Screens shown are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to the Citi Mobile® App for actual and accurate screens.


Why am I looking at this new interface?

Over the past 10 months, we gathered your feedback and began creating a mobile banking app that truly places you first.

With your complex banking needs in mind, our new interface has been crafted around three value propositions: Personalization, Contextual, and Fast.

So whether you have a single credit card or multiple banking products with us, this new interface promises to serve you better and empower you with a great mobile experience.

What can I do with this new interface?

We've made it really simple for you to manage your credit card:

  • Activate a new credit card to start using it to shop immediately
  • Setup your ATM PIN to enjoy cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Enable your card for overseas usage
  • Pay your credit card bills
  • Lock (and unlock) your card temporarily in case you have misplaced it

We'll keep improving! Stay tuned for more features to follow.

How secure are the transactions I make with this new interface?

Your security is always our priority. All our services are rigorously and regularly tested before and after new version releases.

Rest assured that any transaction you make with our new interface is as secure as the rest of our banking platforms.

Can I make purchases at Visa/MasterCard acceptance merchants without activating my Credit or Debit card?

Locking your card will stop all purchases, including online transactions made over the internet and within apps. However, recurring bill payment instructions effected with merchants will still be processed. You may unlock your card in Settings at any time.

Can I make ATM cash withdrawals without activating my Credit, Debit or ATM card?

No, you will not be able to make ATM cash withdrawals until you have activated your credit card.

If my cards are locked, will my recurring bill payments be affected? For example, the auto-debiting of my Citibank Credit Card/ Ready Credit Account for monthly phone bills.

Monthly recurring bills will continue to be charged to your locked Citibank credit card/ Ready Credit account.

After successfully activating my card, can I use it immediately?

Yes, you will be able to use your card immediately. You will receive a confirmation SMS upon the successful completion of the card activation steps.

If my card is locked, can I pay outstanding Citibank bills on my Citibank Credit Card/Ready Credit Account?

Monthly recurring bills will continue to be charged to your locked Citibank credit card/ Ready Credit account.

Which countries do not accept the EMV chip?

Selected merchants in the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia accept the EMV chip. In the US and South Korea, merchants are still reliant on the magnetic stripe to process credit and debit card transactions. As such, we recommend activating the magnetic stripe on your cards when you travel overseas.

Without enabling overseas use on my ATM/debit/credit card, will I be able to perform Overseas Transactions?

No, you will not be able to.

How do enable/disable overseas cash withdrawal on my ATM/debit/credit card?

You may do so via Citibank Online and Self Service Phone Banking.

Do I have to re-enable my ATM/debit/credit card for overseas use each time I travel?

No, once you enable your cards for overseas use, it remains enabled until you disable it.

Can I limit overseas use on my debit/credit card to just ATM cash withdrawals and exclude debit/credit card transactions?

No, enabling overseas use will enable both ATM cash withdrawals and debit/credit card transactions.

If I replace my ATM/debit/credit card which has been enabled for overseas use, will overseas use remain enabled on my replacement card?

Yes, it will remain enabled on your replacement card.

Can I enable my ATM/debit/credit Card for overseas use even when I am already travelling?

Yes, you may do so via SMS, Citi Mobile®, Citibank Online and Self Service Phone Banking. Once your ATM/debit/credit card has been enabled, you will receive an SMS confirmation.

What happens if I don't receive an SMS confirmation after I have enabled my ATM/debit/credit card for overseas use?

You will receive an SMS notification only on the mobile number you have registered with Citibank. Please log in to www.citibank.com.vn to check that the mobile number in your profile corresponds to your current mobile number. Call our CitiPhone Banking hotline at +84 28 3521 1111+84 28 3521 1111 to update your records.

If it's my first time enabling for Notifications, will I still be receiving SMS alerts?

When you sign up for Notifications, some of the SMS alerts you currently receive will be automatically replaced. These include:

  • Credit Card Transaction Alert - Notification to the principal cardholder each time a credit card transaction/pre-authorization reaches your specified amount
  • 90% Credit Limit Reached Alert - Notification when your total spending exceeds 90% of your credit line
  • Payment Due Alert - Notification on statement balance and minimum payment before payment due date of each month
  • Payment Posted Alert - Notification on receipt of your payment
  • Statement Notification Alert - Notification on next payment due date and the minimum amount due when your statement is issued

To manage your SMS delivery settings, please log in to Citibank Online

If I want to receive my alerts via SMS and Notifications, what should I do?

If you have already enabled Notifications, you can also enable SMS alerts. Simply log in to Citibank Online and follow this path: Services > Citi Alerts > Modify Alerts > Edit.

Besides SMS and Notifications, can I also receive alerts via email?

Yes. Simply log in to Citibank Online and follow this path: Services > Citi Alerts > Modify Alerts > Edit > Choose the alert you wish to receive via email.

When will the service start being effective?

The service will be effective within two business days of your enrollment.

I have changed my mobile phone. Will I see my past Notifications on my new mobile phone?

Yes, after you enable Push Notifications in new device, you can see your past 30 days alerts.

Why am I unable to enable Notifications on my secondhand mobile phone?

This happens when the previous owner is a Citibank customer who has not disabled his/her Notifications on this mobile phone. Notifications are paired only to one user at any one time. To enable Notifications for yourself, delete and reinstall this app.

I lost my mobile phone. How can I disable Notifications?

There are two ways you can do it:

  • Enable Notifications on your new phone
  • Call CitiPhone Banking at (84) 28 3521 1111(84) 28 3521 1111.

How do I disable Notifications before I sell my mobile phone?

Simply log in to this app and follow this path: Settings > Notifications > Disable Notifications

Why can't I receive Notifications in China?

Since Google Play service is not available in China, if you use latest Citi Mobile Android app and frequently travel to China, you may not receive Push Notifications. Thus, we suggest you to enroll in SMS Citi Alerts again in Citibank Online.

Why did I suddenly stop receiving Notifications?

There may be a few reasons:

  • Your mobile phone is not connected to WiFi or mobile data networks
  • Your Citi Mobile® App is deleted
  • Your Citi Mobile® App is not upgraded with the latest version
  • Your Notifications are disabled
  • You have downloaded Citi Mobile® App and enabled Notifications on other mobile phones

What is Citi Mobile® Token?

Citi Mobile® Token allows you to secure your transactions without having to rely on SMS or an Online Security Device. Please note that Citi Mobile® Token can only be used with this app and is paired only to one device.

What are the benefits of Citi Mobile® Token?

Protected by a 6-digit Unlock Code chosen by you, and restricted to one mobile device of your choice.

Enter your Unlock Code to instantly authenticate your transactions initiated in this app. No more waiting for SMS OTPs or worrying about misplacing your Online Security Device.

Authenticates all online transactions such as payments and transfers, adding a new payee, and updating your contact details. It also generates OTPs for online purchases.

I lost my mobile phone. How do I disable Citi Mobile® Token?

There are three ways to do it:

  • Log in to your Citibank Online account and follow this path: Services > My Profile > De-activate Citi Mobile® Token.
  • Enable Citi Mobile® Token on another mobile device. Citi Mobile® Token will automatically be disabled on the mobile phone you lost.
  • Call CitiPhone Banking at (84) 28 3521 1111(84) 28 3521 1111.

I have a new mobile device. How do I enable Citi Mobile® Token?

Simply enable Citi Mobile® Token on your new mobile device, Citi Mobile® Token will be automatically disabled on the previous device.

I have entered my 6-digit Unlock Code incorrectly five times (or more). What can I do if I'm unable to proceed?

For assistance, please call your Relationship Manager or CitiPhone Banking at (84) 28 3521 1111(84) 28 3521 1111.

Can I use the Citi Mobile® Token in my old mobile device after enabling Citi Mobile® Token in my new mobile device?

No, you will not be able to generate OTPs or Transaction Authorisation Codes (TAC) on the previous device. For security reasons, you can register for Citi Mobile® Token on one device only. If you have enabled Citi Mobile® Token on a new device, it will be automatically disabled in the previous device.