Life Insurance Premiums and Plans

Universal Life Insurance

Brings you a lifetime comprehensive coverage

Universal Life Insurance Plans Helps You Protect What Matters Most

Life Insurance Policy

Comprehensive Life Insurance Products to Help You Protect What Matters Most

AIA have offerred life insurance solutions through a single conversation. Life insurance should evolve with your life and needs and that’s what our suite of life insurance policies will do for you through this conversation.

Go from growing your wealth to creating a legacy for your loved ones. With all your needs in mind, we will select from a comprehensive suite of life insurance products and universal life insurance policies to help you achieve and protect your goals. Apply online for your life insurance plan today.

  • Universal Life Insurance Policy


    Envision the life you want to lead and plan to make it happen

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  • Life Insurance Solutions


    Explore your options at various life stages

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Have you done enough to protect your family?

Protect what matters most
  • Identify your needs and goals
  • Start planning in advance for yourself and your loved ones
  • Evaluate and select insurance solutions that will address your needs and help achieve your goals
  • As your goals evolve, review your savings, insurance or investment plans annually to ensure adequate coverage

Throughout various chapters of your life there are different needs that are unique to you and your loved ones. Select your current life stage or insurance needs to find protection plans most appropriate for you.

Select Life Stage <OR> Insurance Need:

  • AIA Premier Disability Cover

    1. Effective protection for your biggest asset - income
    2. Continued stream of income in event of disability
    3. Premium waiver with continued protection
  • AIA Prime Critical Cover

    1. Easy access to wider critical illness coverage at an affordable premium
    2. Guaranteed critical illness coverage up to age 100
    3. Receive early payouts for 7 conditions

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  • Visit our branch at 115 Nguyen Hue, TP.HCM or 17 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi.