Citi Ready Credit Card

Cash, ready when you need it

Get Instant Cash Loans with Citi Ready Credit Card

Ready Credit - Easy Access to Cash

Citi Ready Credit Card offers a ready credit line that provides cash on demand. Whether you need a quick cash loan or a credit line, Citi Ready Credit Card will provide funds up to your approved limit.

Get a quick cash loan for that holiday getaway, home renovation or motorbike purchase. With fast approval of your cash loan, Citi Ready Credit Card provides financing when you need it. Apply now for an instant cash loan.

Citi Ready Credit Card - Quick Cash Loans

Ready Credit - Easy Access to Cash

Top 3 reasons to get Citi Ready Credit Card

  • Access Cash Any time, Anywhere.
  • Freedom to choose between a credit line, an installment loan (Ready Credit Personal Loan) or a mix of both.
  • Flexibility to pay interest only on what you use.

Key Benefits:

  • Credit line of up to four times your monthly salary.
  • You can choose to take cash or personal loans up to your credit line.
  • For For cash advances, interest rate is only paid on the actual amount withdrawn, no interest on the unused part of the Credit line.
  • The credit facility remains with you for as long as you wish (Terms and Conditions apply).
  • Worldwide access to over 1.9 Million Citibank and VISA Plus ATM
  • Cash withdrawal up to 50% of Credit Limit at ATMs.
Ready Credit Personal Loan

Your Personal Loan up to the Credit Line.

  • You can apply for multiple personal loans within the credit line in flexible tenors of 24, 36 or 48 months and pay monthly fixed installments.
  • Flexible tenors of 24, 36 or 48 months and pay monthly fixed installments. Maximum Loan amount is up to VND 500 Million. Please provide evidence of use of loans / cash disbursement for loan amount above VND 200 million.
Cash Advance

You have a pre-approved Credit Line, ready for you when you need it.

  • Be it for a new purchase or taking advanced education, Citi Ready Credit Card provides you with extra cash when you need. You can even use Citi Ready Credit Card as a standby line for emergencies - think of it as financial protection.
  • The credit facility remains with you for as long as you wish (Terms and Conditions apply).
  • You pay interest only on the line amount used and for the duration it is used. No interest on the unused part of the Credit line.
  • Option to repay the utilized amount as per your comfort subject to a minimum monthly repayment of 4% of the line utilized plus interest and fees.
  • If you have excess cash flow in any month, simply pre-pay in parts and reduce your interest.
  • You want to make big purchases - for home improvements, a new motorbike, home theatre system or perhaps a much needed holiday.
  • You want to make daily purchases - for groceries and day to day shopping, payment of bills and other general expenses.
  • You want money for any emergency - for any kind of purchasing or payment, ready at anytime you need money.
  • You want to manage your cash flow - Your Ready Credit account gives you the flexibility to keep on top of payments.
  • You want peace of mind - for any of life's unseen emergencies where you might need to get your hands on extra cash quickly - redundancy, an accident, an unexpected bill.
  • You need local currency cash in the country you travel to - you can access cash at over 1.9 Million ATMs of Citibank and Visa/Plus network worldwide in local currency. Cash from ATM is restricted to 50% of the credit line.

Comparison of Ready Credit Personal Loan and Cash Advances.

Product Flexibility Cash Advances Ready Credit Personal Loan
Interest Rate Updated at Fees and Charges

Updated at Fees and Charges

Interest Calculation Method Reducing Principal basis Reducing Principal basis
Interest Calculated Daily Calculated daily and charged as part of installment
Loan Term Flexible Flexible Tenor of 24, 36 or 48 months
Security / Collateral No collateral No collateral
Lump Sum Payments Allowed Only full pre-payment allowed
Repayment Frequency Monthly Monthly
Pre-Payment Penalty Not applicable Updated at Fees and Charges
Minimum Payment Greater of VND 50,000 or 4% of the outstanding + fees, interest, past dues and installments Monthly installment due including past due installments
Supplementary Card Not Applicable
  • A Savings Account Packed with Power.
  • Personal Loan.