Fees and Charges.

Fees and Charges.
Schedule of Fees and Charges (VAT Exclusive)
Interest Rate for Cash Advance 31%/year
Interest charges for Cash Advance are billed from the date of the Cash withdrawal on a daily basis until date of full payment.
Interest Rate/month for Personal Loan (calculated on reducing balance)

Applied for approved Personal Loan (VND):

  • From 10 Million to under 50 Million: 2%
  • From 50 Million: 1.5%
Interest charges for Installment Loan are billed from the date of the loan disbursement on a monthly basis until date of full payment.
Early Termination Fee 4% of outstanding principal
Primary Card Annual Fee No Annual Fee
Primary Card Joining Fee VND 500,000 (Waive Joining Fee of your Citibank Ready Credit if you apply successfully for a Personal Loan from VND20 Million within 2 months from the issuing date of your Citibank Ready Credit Card)
Joining Fee is charged for Primary Cardmember when card is issued. Annual Fee is applied for second year onward and is charged annually in the month in which card was issued. Both Fees (inclusive of VAT) are charged even if card is not activated.
Supplementary Account Annual Fee FREE
This is a fee that is charged for membership to a Supplementary Citibank Ready Credit Account and is charged annually in the month in which your Account Card was issued. This Fee is charged along with the first statement every year even if the card is not activated.
Cash Advance Fee

3% (minimum VND 9,000)

This fee is charged on all Cash Advances and is calculated at 3% (subject to minimum of VND 9,000) of the transaction amount.
Penal Interest Rate Not applicable
Penal Interest Rate is applicable if at least the Minimum Amount Due is not paid by the next statement Date. The Penal interest is applicable from the next statement date. If you paid at-least the minimum balance due you would become eligible for the regular "Interest Rate for Cash Advance" from the following statement date. We encourage you to pay promptly to avoid being charged at the penal rates.
Overseas Transaction Fee 4%
Overseas Transaction Fee is applicable for all transactions not conducted in VND . Please note that the State Bank of Vietnam requires all domestic transactions to be incurred in Vietnam Dong. The Overseas Transaction Fee is currently charged at 4% of the transaction amount incurred for Cash Advances.
Direct Debit Dishonor Fee VND 50,000
This fee is charged if you have issued a Direct Debit Instruction to debit your bank account for payment of your Account Outstanding and for any reason, the instruction is not honored by your bank.
Replacement Card Fee VND 150,000
Replacement Card Fee is a charge that is applicable for any Replacement Account Card that we issue for a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Card. Please ensure that you take adequate care to protect your Card at all times.
Duplicate Statement Fee VND 50,000
Duplicate Statement Fee is a fee that is charged to your account if you request for physical duplicate copy of your Statement of Account.
Overlimit Fee VND 100,000
This fee is charged if your current balance exceeds your credit limit. The fee will be charged in your next billing statement.