How to Register

How to Register

To register for Citibank Online you will need to have the following:

  • An active Citibank account
  • Your 16-digit Card number (Citibank Credit Card, Citicard or Internet Access Number)
  • Your 6-digit ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Your Account number (for Citibank Credit Card customers, this is just your card number).

Recommended software and browser requirements

We recommend you use a PC and Internet connection with the following minimum requirements to ensure a secure Internet Banking session.

  • Ensure you are using up-to-date operating system and browser software. Visit the Windows Update site to update a PC running on Windows
  • Install up-to-date anti-virus software, ad/spyware scanner and a firewall on your computer. For more advice please visit our online security tips page
  • Browser requirements are listed below. Please note that some Macintosh users may experience difficulties using our website

Recommended browser and operating systems

Aside from commonly used browser plug-ins such as Adobe Reader there is no special software required to use Citibank Online. We have tested a number of operating system and browser combinations and the following combinations are recommended:

Operating System WIN Vista

(SP2) WIN 2000
(SP3) WIN 7 MAC OS (10.4)

Internet Explorer v7

v8 v6
v7 v8 v7

Mozilla Firefox

v3.5 v3.0.11 v3.5 v3.5


v3.5 v3.0.11 v3.5 v3.5



Testing of Operating System and Browser combinations is carried out on a best effort basis. Citibank cannot guarantee that the abovementioned combinations will work in every situation as there are many variables such as browser plug-ins/overlays, anti-virus software, security and other patches to operating systems/browsers which cannot be tested in every single combination.

To register for Citibank Online you will need to set up your User ID, Password and Security Questions.

Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Citibank Online Registration page
  • Enter your 16-digit Card number (Citibank Credit Card, Citicard or Internet Access Number)
  • Use your mouse to select your six-digit ATM PIN from our onscreen keypad
  • Enter your account number and press continue (Note: For credit card accounts this is the same as your credit card number)
  • Create a User ID
  • Create a password
  • Re-enter your password
  • Select your Security questions and complete your answers
  • Re-enter your answers
  • You are now finished and can link straight through to carry out your internet banking transactions.

All you need is your unique User ID, Password and the answer to one Security Question. You will then be directed to 'My Home' and you can carry out your transactions.

I don't know my PIN!

To create a User ID & Password to access Citibank Online an ATM PIN is required.

This was sent when you opened your account.

  • Security Questions are designed to provide you with an extra level of security
  • They are a set of questions ranging from 'what is your favourite colour?' to 'what school did you go to?'
  • As part of the set up procedure you will need to provide answers to your choice of questions
  • You want to pick questions that you can easily remember the answers too as you will be prompted with one question for you to answer each time you sign on.
  • From a drop down list select the question you want to use and type in your unique answer
  • You then need to re-enter your answers. This is to ensure we have recorded them correctly
  • You can re-set them online
  • Simply sign on using your User ID and Password, on the next screen you will see an option 'click here to reset your security questions'
  • You need your User ID, your card number, your ATM PIN and your account number
  • Then you set up a new password that is different from your old one
  • Then you can re-set up your questions and answers.
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