Tips to 'Spot' and 'Avoid' Scams

Tips to 'Spot' and 'Avoid' Scams
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Email fraud - spoof (also known as phishing or hoax)

A spoof website is one that mimics a popular company's website to lure one into disclosing confidential information. To make spoof sites seem legitimate, thieves use the names, logos, graphics and even code of the real company's site.

Although they can be difficult to spot, these sites generally ask you to click a link to a spoof website and request you provide, update or confirm sensitive personal information. As bait, they may allude to an urgent or threatening condition concerning your account.

Signs of a spoof email:

  • There may be a sense of urgency. Example: Your account will be closed or temporarily suspended or you will be charged a fee if you do not respond.
  • Advise customers to contact a phone number to verify your card or account details.
  • There are embedded links that look legitimate because they contain all or part of a genuine company's name. These links may take you to spoof sites that ask you to enter, confirm or update sensitive personal information
  • There may be obvious spelling errors. These errors enable spoof emails to avoid the spam filters that internet service providers use.

An example of spoof email:

Spoof Email

If you've received one of these emails, please forward it to As email spoofs continuously evolve, providing us with examples will help our ongoing investigations. Email spoofs can continually evolve, and even slight variations, like differences in the embedded links, will aide our investigations.

Customers should understand that Citibank will never send emails to customers to verify confidential, personal or account information. If you believe your account has been compromised in any way, call CitiPhone immediately (84 28) 3521 1111
(84 28) 3521 1111
((84 28) 3521 1118(84 28) 3521 1118 if calling from overseas)

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