Turn big purchases into small payments

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Turn big purchases into 6-month instalments with a processing fee at only 4.5%.

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Work for any purchases with the icon on your transaction list.

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Convert your purchases in a few taps on your Citi Mobile® App. No documents required.

Easy instalments, instantly
Easy instalments, instantly on your finger tips
Transactions with this icon mean you can choose to split them into monthly instalment plans, with processing fee at 4.5%

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enjoy the Citi PayLite service?

Citi PayLite is offered to Citibank primary Vietnamese Credit Card holder(s).

What happens to my earned rewards?

When a transaction is converted to Citi PayLite instalment plan, any Citi Miles, Reward Points and/or Cash Back earned from that transaction will be reverted from your reward account.

How much do I need to pay for the first month?

On your next immediate statement after successful conversion, you will need to pay a processing fee of 4.5% together with the first instalment.

What if I want to fully settle the Citi PayLite instalment plan before its maturity?

Subject to Citibank's approval, you may at any time cancel your Citi PayLite plan or elect for early settlement of the Citi PayLite amount. Upon such cancellation or early termination, the Citi PayLite plan's outstanding principal is charged back to your credit card balance. Early termination penalty is not applicable for Citi PayLite program.

Is there any eligible criteria for a transaction to be qualified for Citi PayLite program?

Transaction valued from VND 3,000,000 which has been debited to the card account and not yet billed in your card statement.

Not applicable for Cash Advance, cash transactions, dispute transactions, reverted transactions, transactions which is converted or eligible for other instalment programs from Citibank, Annual Fee, Joining Fee and other fees stated in Citibank Credit Card Term and Conditions.

What if I do not see any icon as mentioned above or my request is failed?

The icon appears next to any eligible transaction listed on "Last transaction" list. If your transaction is "Pending", it is not yet debited to your card account.

If transaction is no longer "Pending" but you still do not see any icon , or your submitted request is failed, please call CitiPhone for assistance.
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